Corporate Finance

The proper management of the financial resources of a company is essential to ensure its long-term future and success. And in today’s business world, it is crucial to manage corporate transactions and assets in an efficient manner to achieve a greater competitiveness.

You are Capital is a company specialised in Corporate Finance which has been offering to its clients a wide range of consultancy services for over 35 years.

It specialises in M&A advisory, financing transactions (equity or debt) as well as strategic and financial consulting services for independent companies, multinationals, financial investors (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices) or start-ups, thus enabling  strategic corporate transactions and financing for innovative, sustainable and forward-looking projects.

Corporate Finance
What is Corporate Finance?

What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance encompasses everything related to capital management and has therefore a major implication for the financial decisions that each company is making. The ultimate goal is to maximise the value of the business and capital.

To this end, Corporate Finance focuses on three fundamental aspects: corporate transactions, investment and asset management, and financing.

Business decisions in the field of Corporate Finance involves taking into account the available resources and the opportunity cost of these new projects to better assess the profitability and risk components of each of them.

But Corporate Finance is not limited to numbers. The toolbox of the Corporate Finance advisor has to incorporate key aspects such as macroeconomic trends, geopolitical context, being an expert in your client’s sector and market (competitive environment, most active buyers and investors, most demanded segments, market valuations, market momentum, etc.) and a whole battery of soft skills to be able to operate in an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.

Hiring a specialized Corporate Finance advisor who can bring all his know-how and experience will  maximize the time and efficiency of the processes required for this type of operation and ensure its success.

How does work a Corporate Finance advisor?

One of the priority aspects of a Corporate Finance advisor is to get to know its clients. Beyond the in-depth economic-financial analysis of a company (which includes – among others – the review of financial statements, the preparation of financial projections or Business Plan, the analysis of historical and future financing, a market valuation, etc.), it is essential for the advisor to perfectly understand the motivations and the business and personal objectives of the owners and/or the management team of a company, in the short, medium and long term.

The strategy to achieve the desired objectives will only be successful with a combination of in-depth knowledge of the company, a high degree of technical expertise in corporate finance and a high degree of sectoral specialisation.

Once the path is clear, the main role of the Corporate Finance advisor is to properly implement the processes. From the identification of potential buyers and investors or companies and businesses to be acquired, to the signing of a corporate transaction in front of public notary, the Corporate Finance advisor accompanies his clients throughout the whole project and ensures standardised, confidential and efficient processes that maximize the interests of his clients.

How does work a Corporate Finance advisor?

What Corporate Finance services does You Are Capital offer?

You are Capital has been providing specialised Corporate Finance services to independent companies, multinationals, financial investors, start-ups, etc. for more than 35 years, offering its clients personalised advice and assisting them in their local and international corporate operations while providing all its experience in each of the processes.

Mergers and acquisitions

From an in-depth sector knowledge, You are Capital advises its clients on their external growth strategy (acquisition of other companies or businesses), divestment strategy (sale of a subsidiary, sale of assets) or on their strategy to sell all or part of their capital.

You are Capital identifies the best options for each client and designs, implements and manages all the processes involved in those corporate operations.

Private Equity Advisory

You are Capital advises international and domestic Private Equity firms on their investments, seeking the best opportunities in the most suitable sectors, to optimise the creation of value, and on their divestments within the framework of competitive, interactive, short, restricted and highly confidential processes.

You are Capital also advises independent private companies in their search for growth capital or changes in shareholding structure. In both cases, You are Capital applies its standard processes, taking into account the peculiarities of the Private Equity sector.

Strategic and financial consulting services

You are Capital advises multinationals on their international alliance strategy and on the study of possible investments in related or adjacent sectors, as well as on possible divestments within sectors of activity or countries considered non-strategic.

You are Capital also advises domestic and international Private Equity firms wishing to identify new investment opportunities in newly created sectors with potential concentrations, regulatory or technological changes, etc.


You Are Capital also offers debt-raising, capital increases or fundraising specialised services. It advises its clients in their search for financing for acquisitions or Staple Finance.

As a specialist in Corporate Finance, You Are Capital offers a comprehensive service to its clients, ensuring:

  • A perfect understanding of sectorial issues
  • Standardized, competitive, confidential and structured processes
  • A dedicated and experienced team with an extensive network of investors, targets and entrepreneurs within each sector
  • Full access to You are Capital's resources and in-depth sector expertise.